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PeptideCutter [references / documentation] predicts potential cleavage sites cleaved by proteases or chemicals in a given protein sequence. PeptideCutter returns the query sequence with the possible cleavage sites mapped on it and /or a table of cleavage site positions.

Enter a UniProtKB (Swiss-Prot or TrEMBL) protein identifier, ID (e.g. ALBU_HUMAN), or accession number, AC (e.g. P04406), or an amino acid sequence (e.g. 'SERVELAT'):

the cleavage of the protein. the fields.

Please, select
all available enzymes and chemicals
only the following selection of enzymes and chemicals

Arg-C proteinase Asp-N endopeptidase Asp-N endopeptidase + N-terminal Glu
BNPS-Skatole Caspase1 Caspase2
Caspase3 Caspase4 Caspase5
Caspase6 Caspase7 Caspase8
Caspase9 Caspase10
Chymotrypsin-high specificity (C-term to [FYW], not before P) Chymotrypsin-low specificity (C-term to [FYWML], not before P)
Clostripain (Clostridiopeptidase B) CNBr Enterokinase
Factor Xa Formic acid Glutamyl endopeptidase
GranzymeB Hydroxylamine Iodosobenzoic acid
LysC LysN NTCB (2-nitro-5-thiocyanobenzoic acid)
Neutrophil elastase
Pepsin (pH1.3) Pepsin (pH>2) Proline-endopeptidase
Proteinase K Staphylococcal peptidase I Tobacco etch virus protease
Thermolysin Thrombin Trypsin
for the following enzymes an additional, more sophisticated model can be applied that attributes a probability of cleavage to each site :

Please enter the lowest cleavage probability that you would like to be displayed: %

Please indicate the way you would like the cleavage sites to be displayed

Map of cleavage sites. Please select the number of amino acid within one block:
Table of sites, sorted alphabetically by enzyme and chemical name
Table of sites, sorted sequentially by amino acid number

Please indicate which enzymes to include in the display

All enzymes and chemicals
Enzymes and chemicals cleaving exactly times
Enzymes and chemicals cleaving at least times, and at most times