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No. PFAM ID. Description Clan
1 PF00011 Hsp20/alpha crystallin family CL0190
2 PF00012 Hsp70 protein CL0108
3 PF00014 Kunitz/Bovine pancreatic trypsin inhibitor domain No_clan
4 PF00026 Eukaryotic aspartyl protease CL0129
5 PF00031 Cystatin domain CL0121
6 PF00034 Cytochrome c CL0318
7 PF00036 EF hand CL0220
8 PF00038 Intermediate filament protein No_clan
9 PF00042 Globin CL0090
10 PF00043 Glutathione S-transferase, C-terminal domain CL0497
11 PF00044 Glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase, NAD binding domain CL0063
12 PF00045 Hemopexin No_clan
13 PF00050 Kazal-type serine protease inhibitor domain CL0005
14 PF00056 lactate/malate dehydrogenase, NAD binding domain CL0063
15 PF00061 Lipocalin / cytosolic fatty-acid binding protein family CL0116
16 PF00062 C-type lysozyme/alpha-lactalbumin family CL0037
17 PF00067 Cytochrome P450 No_clan
18 PF00069 Protein kinase domain CL0016
19 PF00076 RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM, RBD, or RNP domain) CL0221
20 PF00079 Serpin (serine protease inhibitor) No_clan
21 PF00081 Iron/manganese superoxide dismutases, alpha-hairpin domain No_clan
22 PF00082 Subtilase family No_clan
23 PF00085 Thioredoxin CL0172
24 PF00089 Trypsin CL0124
25 PF00091 Tubulin/FtsZ family, GTPase domain CL0566
26 PF00093 von Willebrand factor type C domain CL0451
27 PF00094 von Willebrand factor type D domain No_clan
28 PF00107 Zinc-binding dehydrogenase CL0063
29 PF00112 Papain family cysteine protease CL0125
30 PF00113 Enolase, C-terminal TIM barrel domain CL0256
31 PF00121 Triosephosphate isomerase CL0036
32 PF00128 Alpha amylase, catalytic domain CL0058
33 PF00135 Carboxylesterase family CL0028
34 PF00139 Legume lectin domain CL0004
35 PF00149 Calcineurin-like phosphoesterase CL0163
36 PF00150 Cellulase (glycosyl hydrolase family 5) CL0058
37 PF00151 Lipase CL0028
38 PF00160 Cyclophilin type peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase/CLD CL0475
39 PF00168 C2 domain CL0154
40 PF00171 Aldehyde dehydrogenase family CL0099
41 PF00182 Chitinase class I CL0037
42 PF00183 Hsp90 protein No_clan
43 PF00187 Chitin recognition protein No_clan
44 PF00188 Cysteine-rich secretory protein family CL0659
45 PF00190 Cupin CL0029
46 PF00197 Trypsin and protease inhibitor CL0066
47 PF00199 Catalase No_clan
48 PF00210 Ferritin-like domain CL0044
49 PF00217 ATP:guanido phosphotransferase, C-terminal catalytic domain CL0286
50 PF00224 Pyruvate kinase, barrel domain CL0151
51 PF00234 Protease inhibitor/seed storage/LTP family CL0482
52 PF00235 Profilin CL0431
53 PF00241 Cofilin/tropomyosin-type actin-binding protein CL0092
54 PF00251 Glycosyl hydrolases family 32 N-terminal domain CL0143
55 PF00257 Dehydrin No_clan
56 PF00261 Tropomyosin CL0452
57 PF00262 Calreticulin family CL0004
58 PF00273 Serum albumin family CL0282
59 PF00274 Fructose-bisphosphate aldolase class-I CL0035
60 PF00280 Potato inhibitor I family CL0367
61 PF00295 Glycosyl hydrolases family 28 CL0268
62 PF00297 Ribosomal protein L3 CL0575
63 PF00304 Gamma-thionin family CL0054
64 PF00314 Thaumatin family CL0293
65 PF00321 Plant thionin No_clan
66 PF00326 Prolyl oligopeptidase family CL0028
67 PF00328 Histidine phosphatase superfamily (branch 2) CL0071
68 PF00332 Glycosyl hydrolases family 17 CL0058
69 PF00342 Phosphoglucose isomerase CL0067
70 PF00363 Casein No_clan
71 PF00372 Hemocyanin, copper containing domain CL0205
72 PF00400 WD domain, G-beta repeat CL0186
73 PF00405 Transferrin CL0177
74 PF00407 Pathogenesis-related protein Bet v 1 family CL0209
75 PF00428 60s Acidic ribosomal protein No_clan
76 PF00450 Serine carboxypeptidase CL0028
77 PF00504 Chlorophyll A-B binding protein No_clan
78 PF00544 Pectate lyase CL0268
79 PF00578 AhpC/TSA family CL0172
80 PF00626 Gelsolin repeat CL0092
81 PF00630 Filamin/ABP280 repeat CL0159
82 PF00657 GDSL-like Lipase/Acylhydrolase CL0264
83 PF00686 Starch binding domain CL0369
84 PF00704 Glycosyl hydrolases family 18 CL0058
85 PF00717 Peptidase S24-like CL0299
86 PF00719 Inorganic pyrophosphatase No_clan
87 PF00722 Glycosyl hydrolases family 16 CL0004
88 PF00723 Glycosyl hydrolases family 15 CL0059
89 PF00728 Glycosyl hydrolase family 20, catalytic domain CL0058
90 PF00732 GMC oxidoreductase CL0063
91 PF00736 EF-1 guanine nucleotide exchange domain No_clan
92 PF00877 NlpC/P60 family CL0125
93 PF00903 Glyoxalase/Bleomycin resistance protein/Dioxygenase superfamily CL0104
94 PF00923 Transaldolase/Fructose-6-phosphate aldolase CL0036
95 PF00930 Dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPP IV) N-terminal region CL0186
96 PF00933 Glycosyl hydrolase family 3 N terminal domain CL0058
97 PF00967 Barwin family CL0199
98 PF00992 Troponin No_clan
99 PF00997 Kappa casein No_clan
100 PF01023 S-100/ICaBP type calcium binding domain CL0220
101 PF01042 Endoribonuclease L-PSP CL0534
102 PF01095 Pectinesterase CL0268
103 PF01099 Uteroglobin family CL0370
104 PF01190 Pollen protein Ole e 1 like CL0287
105 PF01273 LBP / BPI / CETP family, N-terminal domain CL0648
106 PF01277 Oleosin No_clan
107 PF01347 Lipoprotein amino terminal region CL0020
108 PF01357 Expansin C-terminal domain CL0159
109 PF01372 Melittin No_clan
110 PF01373 Glycosyl hydrolase family 14 CL0058
111 PF01391 Collagen triple helix repeat (20 copies) No_clan
112 PF01395 PBP/GOBP family No_clan
113 PF01410 Fibrillar collagen C-terminal domain CL0422
114 PF01439 Metallothionein No_clan
115 PF01459 Eukaryotic porin CL0193
116 PF01565 FAD binding domain CL0077
117 PF01576 Myosin tail No_clan
118 PF01607 Chitin binding Peritrophin-A domain CL0155
119 PF01620 Ribonuclease (pollen allergen) No_clan
120 PF01630 Hyaluronidase CL0058
121 PF01717 Cobalamin-independent synthase, Catalytic domain CL0160
122 PF01726 LexA DNA binding domain CL0123
123 PF01734 Patatin-like phospholipase CL0323
124 PF01789 PsbP CL0619
125 PF01826 Trypsin Inhibitor like cysteine rich domain No_clan
126 PF01849 NAC domain No_clan
127 PF01915 Glycosyl hydrolase family 3 C-terminal domain No_clan
128 PF01965 DJ-1/PfpI family CL0014
129 PF02098 Tick histamine binding protein CL0116
130 PF02128 Fungalysin metallopeptidase (M36) CL0126
131 PF02221 ML domain CL0532
132 PF02271 Ubiquinol-cytochrome C reductase complex 14kD subunit No_clan
133 PF02298 Plastocyanin-like domain CL0026
134 PF02520 SXP/RAL-2 family protein Ani s 5-like, metal-binding domain No_clan
135 PF02704 Gibberellin regulated protein No_clan
136 PF02777 Iron/manganese superoxide dismutases, C-terminal domain No_clan
137 PF02798 Glutathione S-transferase, N-terminal domain CL0172
138 PF02800 Glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase, C-terminal domain CL0139
139 PF02806 Alpha amylase, C-terminal all-beta domain CL0369
140 PF02807 ATP:guanido phosphotransferase, N-terminal domain No_clan
141 PF02866 lactate/malate dehydrogenase, alpha/beta C-terminal domain CL0341
142 PF02872 5'-nucleotidase, C-terminal domain No_clan
143 PF02887 Pyruvate kinase, alpha/beta domain No_clan
144 PF02987 Late embryogenesis abundant protein No_clan
145 PF03022 Major royal jelly protein CL0186
146 PF03157 High molecular weight glutenin subunit No_clan
147 PF03227 Gamma interferon inducible lysosomal thiol reductase (GILT) CL0172
148 PF03260 Lepidopteran low molecular weight (30 kD) lipoprotein CL0066
149 PF03330 Lytic transglycolase CL0199
150 PF03343 SART-1 family No_clan
151 PF03358 NADPH-dependent FMN reductase CL0042
152 PF03722 Hemocyanin, all-alpha domain No_clan
153 PF03723 Hemocyanin, ig-like domain CL0159
154 PF03913 Ragweed group 5 pollen allergen No_clan
155 PF03952 Enolase, N-terminal domain CL0227
156 PF03953 Tubulin C-terminal domain CL0442
157 PF03973 Triabin CL0116
158 PF04043 Plant invertase/pectin methylesterase inhibitor No_clan
159 PF04702 Vicilin N terminal region No_clan
160 PF04714 BCL7, N-terminal conserver region No_clan
161 PF05129 Transcription elongation factor Elf1 like CL0167
162 PF05199 GMC oxidoreductase No_clan
163 PF05368 NmrA-like family CL0063
164 PF05418 Apovitellenin I (Apo-VLDL-II) No_clan
165 PF05755 Rubber elongation factor protein (REF) No_clan
166 PF05826 Phospholipase A2 CL0629
167 PF05922 Peptidase inhibitor I9 CL0570
168 PF06628 Catalase-related immune-responsive No_clan
169 PF06757 Insect allergen related repeat, nitrile-specifier detoxification No_clan
170 PF06838 Methionine gamma-lyase CL0061
171 PF07249 Cerato-platanin CL0199
172 PF07250 Glyoxal oxidase N-terminus CL0186
173 PF07504 Fungalysin/Thermolysin Propeptide Motif CL0121
174 PF07676 WD40-like Beta Propeller Repeat CL0186
175 PF07883 Cupin domain CL0029
176 PF07983 X8 domain No_clan
177 PF08031 Berberine and berberine like CL0277
178 PF08212 Lipocalin-like domain CL0116
179 PF08240 Alcohol dehydrogenase GroES-like domain CL0296
180 PF08244 Glycosyl hydrolases family 32 C terminal CL0004
181 PF08246 Cathepsin propeptide inhibitor domain (I29) No_clan
182 PF08267 Cobalamin-independent synthase, N-terminal domain CL0160
183 PF08534 Redoxin CL0172
184 PF09118 Galactose oxidase-like, Early set domain CL0159
185 PF09172 Vitellinogen, open beta-sheet No_clan
186 PF09175 Vitellinogen, beta-sheet shell No_clan
187 PF09252 Allergen Fel d I-B chain CL0370
188 PF09253 Pollen allergen Ole e 6 No_clan
189 PF09260 Alpha-amylase, domain C CL0369
190 PF10417 C-terminal domain of 1-Cys peroxiredoxin No_clan
191 PF10587 Eukaryotic elongation factor 1 beta central acidic region No_clan
192 PF11642 Mite allergen Blo t 5 No_clan
193 PF11837 Beta-fructofuranosidase, N-terminal domain No_clan
194 PF12070 Protein SCAI No_clan
195 PF12296 Hydrophobic surface binding protein A No_clan
196 PF13016 Cys-rich Gliadin N-terminal CL0482
197 PF13202 EF hand CL0220
198 PF13405 EF-hand domain CL0220
199 PF13409 Glutathione S-transferase, N-terminal domain CL0172
200 PF13410 Glutathione S-transferase, C-terminal domain CL0497
201 PF13417 Glutathione S-transferase, N-terminal domain CL0172
202 PF13499 EF-hand domain pair CL0220
203 PF13561 Enoyl-(Acyl carrier protein) reductase CL0063
204 PF13833 EF-hand domain pair CL0220
205 PF13848 Thioredoxin-like domain CL0172
206 PF13920 Zinc finger, C3HC4 type (RING finger) CL0229
207 PF13933 Putative peptidase family CL0126
208 PF14310 Fibronectin type III-like domain CL0159
209 PF14368 Probable lipid transfer CL0482
210 PF14497 Glutathione S-transferase, C-terminal domain CL0497
211 PF14547 Hydrophobic seed protein CL0482
212 PF14625 Lustrin, cysteine-rich repeated domain No_clan
213 PF16208 Keratin type II head No_clan
214 PF16469 Nematode polyprotein allergen ABA-1 No_clan
215 PF16541 Alternaria alternata allergen 1 No_clan
216 PF16845 Aspartic acid proteinase inhibitor CL0121
217 PF16984 Group 7 allergen CL0648
218 PF17181 Epidermal patterning factor proteins No_clan
219 PF17499 Ant venom peptides No_clan
220 PF17766 Fibronectin type-III domain CL0159
221 PF18011 C-terminal domain found in long catalases CL0014
222 PF19026 HYPK UBA domain CL0214
223 PF19252 HIND motif No_clan
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