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                SDAP 2.0 - Structural Database of Allergenic Proteins

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Allergens with Epitopes

No Allergen Species - Scientific Name Species - Common Name Allergen Type Allergen Description Class
1 Alt a 1 Alternaria alternata fungi (moulds) N IUIS
2 Ara h 1 Arachis hypogaea peanut foods Vicilin; Clone P17 IUIS
3 Ara h 2.0101 Arachis hypogaea peanut foods Conglutin IUIS
4 Ara h 3 Arachis hypogaea peanut foods glycinin IUIS
5 Asp f 1 Aspergillus fumigatus fungi (moulds) Restrictocin; Ribonuclease mitogillin; EC 3.1.27 IUIS
6 Asp f 13 Aspergillus fumigatus fungi (moulds) alkaline serine protease; Alkaline proteinase; ALP; Elastase; Elastinolytic seri IUIS
7 Asp f 2 Aspergillus fumigatus fungi (moulds) ASPND1 IUIS
8 Asp f 3 Aspergillus fumigatus fungi (moulds) peroxisomal protein; Thioredoxin reductase; PMP20; Putative peroxiredoxin; EC 1. IUIS
9 Bet v 1 Betula verrucosa (Betula pendula) White birch tree homolog: pathogenesis related protein PR10 IUIS
10 Cha o 1 Chamaecyparis obtusa Japanese cypress tree pectate lyase Non-IUIS
11 Cry j 1 Cryptomeria japonica Japanese cedar, sugi tree pectate lyase; SBP/ Sugi basic protein IUIS
12 Cry j 2 Cryptomeria japonica Japanese cedar, sugi tree Polygalacturonase; PG; Pectinase; EC IUIS
13 Fag e 1 Fagopyrum esculentum common buckwheat foods 13S globulin seed storage protein 3, legumin-like protein 3 Non-IUIS
14 Gal d 1 Gallus domesticus chicken foods ovomucoid IUIS
15 Gly m glycinin G1 Glycine max soybean foods glycinin, 11S seed storage protein Non-IUIS
16 Gly m glycinin G2 Glycine max soybean foods glycinin, 11S seed storage protein Non-IUIS
17 Hev b 1 Hevea brasiliensis rubber (latex) others elongation factor; Rubber elongation factor protein (REF) IUIS
18 Hev b 3 Hevea brasiliensis rubber (latex) others SRPP; 22 kDa rubber particle protein; 22 kDa RPP; 27 kDa natural rubber IUIS
19 Hev b 5 Hevea brasiliensis rubber (latex) others kiwi and potato homologue IUIS
20 Jug r 1 Juglans regia English walnut foods 2S albumin IUIS
21 Jun a 1.010101 Juniperus ashei mountain cedar tree Pectate lyase IUIS
22 Jun a 3 Juniperus ashei mountain cedar tree homolog: pathogenesis related protein PR5 IUIS
23 Len c 1.0101 Lens culinaris lentil foods vicilin, Len c 3.02 IUIS
24 Ole e 1.0101 Olea europea olive tree N IUIS
25 Par j 1 Parietaria judaica Pellitory-of-the-Wall weed lipid transfer protein; homolog: pathogenesis related protein PR14; P5 protein IUIS
26 Par j 2 Parietaria judaica Pellitory-of-the-Wall weed lipid transfer protein; P2 protein IUIS
27 Pen a 1 Penaeus aztecus shrimp foods tropomyosin IUIS
28 Pen ch 18 Penicillium chrysogenum (formerly P. notatum) fungi (moulds) vacuolar serine protease IUIS
29 Pen i 1 Penaeus indicus shrimp foods tropomyosin IUIS
30 Ves v 5 Vespula vulgaris yellowjacket insects antigen 5; Ag5; Venom allergen 5 IUIS
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